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RCA E13710

SuntharLess than 1 minuteCRT RGB mod


  • Check Thermistor (THP601) - Poor Solder Connection
  • Shuts off + wont switch on
    • Relay 601 contacts open. Replace relay. 100V coil
    • IC601 (voltage too high), C605 leads too short and contact with P.C. board
    • Replace HV resistor
    • No replay action. Relay volt low. Sometimes alternate sleep + timer light flashes C605 weak
  • Distorted sound
    • Remove MTS MOS (Bx1458) replace with 2.47MFD 50V


  • Dead
    • HV Transistor 2SC5148 shorted, +2 transistor shorted Q801, Q802 2SC4834 + R607 1/2 resistor open, C614 shorted
    • Flyback shorted (fuse + HV transistor ok).
  • Picture shakey
    • HV lead unplugged inside flyback. Push back in until it snaps in


  • No Raster
    • CRT voltage missing from plug
  • No high voltage
    • IC201 (T0A8302) + R258 100ohm resistor open
  • No sound
    • MM201 replace sound decoder circuit SBX 1637-11


  • No Video, screen black, occasional red outline of picture
  • IC301 (CXA2133BS)


  • Blows fuse, Q601 MN8303 shorted
  • R608 150ohm open


  • Dead STRS6301
  • 2SD1878 can be stuffed with 2SC4927 short version
  • Clicks on+off no sound on picture Q608
  • Leakage between E+B 2SA954 (ES6290)
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