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Sega Genesis 2 VA1 3BP Mod

About 1 min

Sega Genesis 3BP (Triple Bypass) Mod

Before you do your mod

  • Understand the board revision. You have to take apart your console to view this. Mine was a PC BD MD2 VA1 USA. (This is a Genesis 2 VA 1 board)
  • Watch couple of YouTube videos on how to perform the mod, so that you can internalize the mod. Try to find a tutorial that is relevant for your board revision
  • Get hold of all the necessary hardware prior to opening up the console. I ended up buying my 3BP v2 board from videogameperfection. They seemed to have the best price at the time of my purchase. It took roughly 2-3 weeks to ship.
  • Order your replacement cap kit, if needed. Console5 seems to be the best place to get them. My unit worked just fine without a recap.

Overview of the mod

This diagram gives a quick overview of the entire mod that needs to be performed. This mod uses the second version of the 3BP board. You can click on the image below to see this in higher resolution.


Recapping is really best done at this point. I ended up doing mine later as I didn't order my caps on time.

Cut the CSync traces

Not cutting the CSync traces will result in jailbars. It needs to be cut in two places. See image below.


Setup the jumper settings on the 3BP v2 board

Few tracepads on the 3BP board should be shorted depending on your board revision. Instructions are available at the back of the board. See the below image for what jumpers were shorted for VA1.


Installation can be done in two parts

Part 1 deals with video. You can test if the video bypass works after completing part 1. Part 2 deals with audio. You can test if the audio bypass works after completing part 2.

Part 1Part 2

Points to solder


Modify the bottom shield

You also have to remove a small portion of the bottom shield where the 3BP board was installed.

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