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Additional parts

Less than 1 minute

If you want to order additional connectors, ribbon cable etc. Ali Express have them for reasonable prices.

SCART female connectorRibbon cable
AliExpress AliExpress
10pin IDC ribbon female header10pin IDC male header
AliExpress AliExpress

RGB micro mux board

8-Pin cable (can be spliced into two cables)8pin mini din connector
AliExpress AliExpress

Note: 8-pin cable wiring colors are a bit confusing. Please use the below translation to wire this correctly.

Color on 8-pin = Actual signal (Female SCART pin)

  • orange = ground (pin 21, pin 18, pin 4)
  • purple = red (pin 15)
  • blue = green (pin 11)
  • green = blue (pin 7)
  • brown = audio left (pin 2)
  • black = audio right (pin 6)
  • yellow = blanking (pin 16)
  • red = sync (pin 20)
SCART female adapterSCART male adapter
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