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Original XBOX - Cap Replacement

Less than 1 minute

Identifying your xbox

Use this PDF to identify your XBOX revision

Identify using your serial number img

Identify using your video encoder revision (sometimes board might have been swapped) img

Things to consider

Power supplies and motherboards are not always swappable

  • v1.0 and v1.1 have a 12-pin x 1-row power supply (PS) connector.
  • v1.2-1.5 have a 10-pin x 2-row ATX-style PS connector. (NOT PC ATX Power supply compatible!)
  • v1.6 also has a 10-pin x 2-row ATX-style PS connector but some of the voltage levels are different. You can't use a 1.6 power supply in older systems and older system power supplies cannot be used for a 1.6 console.
  • v1.6 motherboard (MB)/case has a slightly different mounting configuration than the older versions so you can't directly swap a 1.6 MB into an older case.

Capacitors near the power supply needs change

I was able to fix an XBOX v1.6 by replacing 5 capacitors (6.3V, 3300uF, 105C)

You can see the capacitor is leaking here. img

Once replaced with new capacitors obtained from digi-key, xbox booted and worked beautifully img


Make sure the yellow wire going into the optical disk drive is connected correctly. Connecting it in reverse will make the system shutdown or reboot right after startup.

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