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Original XBOX - Uploading Games

Less than 1 minute

Uploading your backup games

I found midnight commander to be the most reliable way to upload games. It works very well from Synology. Install the SynoCli File Tools package and Midnight Commander comes with it.

After sshing into Synology, run mc from commandline

xbox midnight commander

From here you can use the mouse to connect to the FTP on the right hand side.


  • F7 = Create Directory
  • F5 = Copy Files
  • CONTROL + T = Select multiple files to transfer

Issues and fixes

Some games not loading

Some games were not loading from HDD when booting from TSOP'd v1.0 XBOX. Tried varios BIOS, FTP clients and changing region etc. Nothing fixed it. Eventually fixed it by getting to the Stock MS Dashboard and setting the parental setting to the highest - Rating Pending. This setting must be stored on the motherboard somewhere because the setting persisted through HDD upgrades.

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