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Panasonic Roadshow PV-C921

About 2 min

Panasonic 9" Roadshow VHS CRT

What makes this set stand out? It's one of the most compact VCR/CRT combos available, making it convenient for storage and portability. It fits easily into an IKEA Kallax unit. Offers both retro gaming console connectivity and VHS playback. Notably, it features a unique function allowing audio transmission via FM for listening through let's say a Sony Walkman.

There were multiple variants of this set. The known black and white version are listed below.

  • PV-C921B (Black version)
  • PV-C931W (White version)

On eBay, these typically sell for $200+ US, but I snagged mine locally for just $25 Canadian. While the unit functioned, the tape mechanism had issues. It ejected cassettes and the tape was getting stuck. It then took some finessing to get the tape out without damaging it.

Time for a closer look inside and some repairs.


After removing the back of the CRT, disconnecting the anode, deflection yoke, degauss wire and speakers, the below unit can be removed. You may have to lift and slide it out.


Main chassis with the flyback can then be removed.


Power supply can then be removed. img

Once the power supply is removed, then you can focus on the tape mechanism. img

Tape mechanism can then be removed to expose the VCR controller board underneath along with mode switch. img

Back of the VCR board img

Tape mechanism img



Mode Switch

Apparently, in VCRs and combo units, dirty mode switch is often to blame for various cassette intake problems. So, I decided to take this out for inspection. img

After disassembling the mode switch img

Tracks were fairly clean. However, gave it some additional cleaning using rubbing alcohol. img

After cleaning, installed the switch back. img

Re-assembling and powering on, there was no change in behavior. Video cassette still ejected with tape getting stuck.


Since there was no luck, I decided to clean the tape loading rollers and capstan. It was not obvious at that time, but as I tried to clean the capstan roller with rubbing alcohol, a film started separating out.

Around 12" of tape was perfectly rolled around the roller. It probably tightened the capstan


After carefully removing the tape, voila everything worked as it should!


Service position. This set requires an interesting service position to quickly check if the fixes you made worked. img

Back label img

Flyback img

Wiring img

Wiring img

Wiring img

Wiring img

Wiring img

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