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Sony GV-8 Video Walkman

Less than 1 minute

Table of contents

User and Service Manuals

You can read more about the specs of this unit in the brochure or user manual.

What you need

  • Video8 tape

Getting the RF to work

  • Found two broken traces. This resulted in bsically no output. the video signal can be traced all the way back to IC601.

  • Once all the caps were cleaned on the SV-34, to my final surprise, almost after 8 days of fidding around with it on and off, finally got it working.

  • Changed all caps to ceramic caps and solid polymer caps where appropriate (6.3V, 100uF)

  • It was pleasnt to see this unit working with a Video 8 tape.


Differences between Video8 and Hi8 tapesopen in new window

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