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Sony DVP-FX825 DVD Player

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Blast from the past

It is strange I'm looking at a device that came out in 2008 in 2023. It's not really an antique device, not a highly coveted device. However, I can tell you why this is an interesting device.

The Sony DVP-FX825 has an 8-inch screen with a resolution of 800x480, which is an improvement over the 480x220 resolution from the previous model Sony DVP-FX810. This provides a better viewing experience than most other portable DVD players.

Here is a picture of the device working with a DVD from the movie Alien (1979). img

Table of contents

User and Service Manuals

You can read more about the specs of this unit in the brochure or user manual.

Why is this a cool device?

Easy to use as a display device for composite input

You can use the devie for composite audio/video input, which is really cool. With the portable battery (peak battery performance on this unit was lacking due to age, but charge was holding for atleast an hour). If you want to test a game console that you are buying off a marketplace or want to test a retro game console, this feature comes really handy. No need to carry a bulky CRT around.


Easy to use as a device to output composite video

If you want to test a CRT with composite input, this device once again comes really handy. It's portable and easy to carry with you.

Watching DVDs is still a fun way to enjoy this device

DVDs will become almost as intersesting as Laser Discs in future. It's nice to have a device to watch old DVDs.


More pictures

Movie - Alien (DVD - Full screen) img

SMPTE - 4:3 mode (external input) img

Game - Metroid (external input) img


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