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Crown 9TV-301

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Black and white CRT from the 70s

Crown 9TV-301 is a small 9" black and white CRT from the 70s. Crowd Radio Corportation is a Japanese company and this CRT was built in Korea.

It gives a really beautiful, soft picture and a relic from the past. The boxy design is very representative of the 70s asthetics.

Crown 9TV-301

9TV-301 specs

  • Manufactured: Made in Korea
  • Tube:
  • 31-Transistor TV, FM and AM
  • 50/60 Hz AC: 17W, DC: 12W


It was very difficult to find any details about this CRT. However, got hold of this product catalog which mentions this particular CRT.

Crown 9TV-301

Crown 9TV-301 brochure

Opening the CRT

Powering on this 50 year old CRT just worked, however the image from SNES was all warped and glitchy.

Crown 9TV-301

I decided to open and inspect the device, but found that the interior was crammed with wires that were all soldered in place without connectors. This made it difficult to inspect the boards and components. I decided to create connectors on the wires so that it would be easier to take the back off completely and inspect the interior.

Crown 9TV-301


It was a bit of a shock to see how the wires were all tangled and directly soldered together. The capacitors were just attached hanging all over the CRT.

Picture of the video board. Crown 9TV-301

Picture of the deflection board. Crown 9TV-301

Caps replacement

Deflection board was very difficult to recap. Spacing was really tight.

Crown 9TV-301

One capacitor looked odd and was a bit bulged, so I decided to remove and test its ESR. It was significantly drifted. 4.7uF/10V capacitor was reading 8uF with a really high ESR.

Crown 9TV-301

Pretty much all the caps on this CRT needed a replacement. I replaced a handful of capactiors I had in hand. I really didn't want to attach/re-attach the wires. So, decided to work with the tight spacing. It was a bit of a pain, but was able to replace all the caps.

Crown 9TV-301

Results speak for themselves. I did not recap the video board, but without a doubt the remaining video artifacts can be improved by recapping that board - a project for another time.

Crown 9TV-301


Front Crown 9TV-301 Front

Handle Crown 9TV-301 Handle

Top angle Crown 9TV-301 Top angle

UHF/VHF knobs Crown 9TV-301 UHF/VHF knobs

Side view Crown 9TV-301 Side view

Back view Crown 9TV-301 Back view

Speaker and power supply Crown 9TV-301 Speaker and power supply

Label Crown 9TV-301 Label


Why not try a game? While VHS worked reasonably well, SNES continued to show some issues. So exactly not sure why the CRT wasn't liking the RF signal from the SNES. I think recapping the video board might improve the situation, but that is yet to be seen.

SNES - Super Metroid Crown 9TV-301



I really enjoyed this RF-only set from the past. Black and white picture can be really sharp, and even though I wasn't alive in the 70s, this is a great way to experience that era. It was a lot of fun refurbishing this 1970s CRT.

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