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Sony KV-1370R

Sony KV-1370R

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Color CRT from the 80s

Launched in the mid-1980s, the 13" Sony KV-1370R television model offered support for both composite video and RF inputs. R at the end of the model number denotes support for composite. I have this set both in Grey and White. I'm sure there are many other color variants. There was a revision made to 1370R later in the 80s. Later revision chassis had an audio fault, which is something we will delve into this article.

It's important to note that the KV-1370R operates with a hot chassis setup, meaning the ground isn't isolated on the low voltage side. Consequently, modifying it for RGB input is not straightforward. However, for many television enthusiasts and collectors, the Sony KV-1370R is treasured as a relic of the past. It is often best to preserve it in its original state.

Sony 1370R

Sony KV-1370R (white) specs

  • Manufactured: Made in Japan - March 1986
  • Tube: A34JBU10X, Made in Japan
  • 60 Hz AC: 120V 97W

Sony 1370R

Sony 1370R

Outside the tv

Front Sony 1370R

Top Sony 1370R

Side Sony 1370R

Back Sony 1370R

Front controls Sony 1370R

Inputs Sony 1370R

Tube and Shield

Sony 1370R

Sony 1370R

Sony 1370R

Sony 1370R


Full Chassis Sony 1370R

Solder side Sony 1370R

Sony ICs Sony 1370R

Adjustment pots Sony 1370R

Flyback Sony 1370R

Fuse Sony 1370R

Front pots Sony 1370R

Neck board Sony 1370R

Neck board - solder side Sony 1370R

Isolated tuner input Sony 1370R

Yoke Sony 1370R

Yoke - zoomed Sony 1370R

Yoke assembly Sony 1370R

Yoke mounted Sony 1370R


Sony 1370R

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