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Sony KV-1365R

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Color CRT from the 80s

Launched in the mid-1980s, the 13" Sony KV-1365R television model offered support for both composite video and RF inputs, delivering solid video quality for its time. I found the composite video particularly impressive and opted to pair it with a beta machine, as they complement each other well.

It's worth noting that the KV-1365R operates with a hot chassis setup, meaning the ground isn't isolated on the low voltage side. Consequently, modifying it for RGB input isn't straightforward. However, for numerous television enthusiasts and collectors, the Sony KV-1365R holds a cherished status as a relic of the past. It is best left the way it is.

Sony 1365R

Sony 1365R

Sony 1365R

Sony 1365R

Sony KV-1365R specs

  • Manufactured: Made in Japan - October 1985
  • Tube: A34JBU10X, Made in Japan
  • 60 Hz AC: 120V 91W

Sony 1365R

Sony 1365R

Inside the TV

Removing the back cover Sony 1365R

Neck board Sony 1365R

Removing the neck board Sony 1365R

Chassis Sony 1365R

Removing the chassis Sony 1365R

Tuner is isolated - good indication the chassis is HOT Sony 1365R

Jungle IC Sony 1365R

Speaker Sony 1365R

Tube Sony 1365R

Tube removed for cleaning Sony 1365R


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