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Sony KV (BG-1L) LX34M31
RGB and S-Video mod your Sony KV-LX34M31, KV-J25MF8J or any BG-1L chassis based Sony CRT.

Mark RobertsonAbout 3 minCRT RGB modKV-J25MF8JKV-J29MF8JKV-LX34M31KV-LX34M50
Sony KV (AA-2D) 32S66
RGB mod your Sony KV-32S42, KV-32S66, KV-32V42, KV-35S42, KV-35S66, KV-35V42 or any AA-2D chassis based Sony CRT.

CyTsuneAbout 3 minCRT RGB mod
Sony KV (AA-2W)
RGB mod your Sony KV-36XBR250, Sony KV-27V15, KV-29FV10, KV-29FV15 or any AA-2W chassis based Sony CRT.

SuntharAbout 2 minCRT RGB mod
Toshiba 27AFX54+
RGB mod your Toshiba 27AFX54 CRTs. This RGB mod is for 27" Toshiba AF-series CRTs.

SuntharAbout 3 minCRT RGB mod
Sony KV (BA-5) 32FS13
RGB mod your KV-32FS13 or any BA-5 chassis based Sony CRT

CyTsuneAbout 4 minCRT RGB modKV-20FS12KV-20FV12KV-21FE12KV-21FM12KV-27FS13KV-27FS17KV-27FV17KV-29FV17KV-32FS13KV-32FS17KV-34FS17
Sylvania 6413CTA
This tutorial will show you how to perform the RGB mod on a Sylvania CRT TV

SuntharAbout 3 minCRT RGB mod