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Sony KV (BA-5) 32FS13

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Sony BA-5 chassis CRT RGB mod

Below mod was performed on KV-32FS13.

This tutorial should also cover the RGB mod for the below models with the BA-5 chassis. However, there might be slight differences.

Sony BA-5 KV-32FS13

  • KV-32FS13
  • KV-32FS17
  • KV-34FS17

You can also checkout the KV-20FV12 (BA-5) and KV-24FV12 (BA-5) RGB mod tutorials as the board layout is slightly different on those sets.

CRT safety


You can die doing this! So read carefully! CRT TV is not a toy. Do not open a CRT TV. If you don't have any prior knowledge about handling high voltage devices, this guide is not for you. CRT TV contains high enough voltage (20,000+ V) and current to be deadly, even when it is turned off.


Plan of attack



Sometimes it is nice to know the theory behind the mod. I have put this on a separate page. This shows how the various resistor values are calculated.


Service manuals


Sony KV-32FS13

  • Manufactured: October 2001, Mexico
  • NTSC, 60 Hz, 195W
  • Chassis: BA-5
  • Tube:
  • Jungle Chip: CXA2154AS
  • OSD Chip: M372280MK-114SP


Sony BA-5 chassis RGB mod mux diagram

Mux diagram

If you are building your own circuit, this diagram should help

Sony BA-5 chassis RGB mod mux diagram

Calculating the RGB external resistor value

Formula from our theory page!


RGB external resistor value = 0.7 x (6800 + 75) - (75 x 5) / (5 - 0.7) = (4812 - 375) / 4.3 = 1030 ohm

~ 1 Kohm resistors should do the job.

Performing the mod

Now that you roughly know what needs to be done, prepare for the mod. Place the board on a comfortable place. Make sure you are not putting pressure on the flyback or other components.

STEP 1: Remove the following components

Most of the mod will happen on the MA board. BA5 chassis - MA Board

Remove the following components. RGB resistors to the ground. Measure twice and mark before you remove.

  • R086 (680Ω)
  • R087 (680Ω)
  • R088 (680Ω)

Note: there can be slight differences in the board layout depending on the CRT revision.

STEP 2: Connect RGBs, Blanking and Audio

See picture above to see where blanking should be connected.

Let's remove the jumpers JW343, JW343, JW341 and replace with 3 1N4148 diodes. Pay attention to the direction of the diodes. There is a black bar indicating which way the current flows. This helps reduce feedback noise and voltage going back into the OSD.

BA5 chassis - MA BoardBA5 chassis - MA Board

Then attach the R, G, B wires to the respective legs of the diodes. Wires should be attached to the side closer to the jungle chip.

BA5 chassis - MA Board

Blanking wire should be attached as seen on the picture below.

BA5 chassis - MA Board

Sync wire (yellow) should be connected directly to the s-video Y pin. Ground wire (purple) should be connected to the ground.

BA5 chassis - MA Board

Black wire is for ground. Orange and purple wires are auxillary wires, you can connect them to ground or leave them floating.

BA5 chassis - MA Board

Audio wiring can go below the board. Connect audio left (white) and audio right (grey) as seen in the pics below.

BA5 chassis - MA Board

STEP 3: Build your mux board

Below mod uses the RGB mux board. This is optional, but will make your mod easier and stable. You can also create the circuit presented in the schematics above without the board. Please also checkout the precalculated resistor values.

Buy your RGB mux board

TV ModelKV-20FV12KV-20FS12KV-24FV12KV-32FS13
Audio LR (R7, R8)1kΩ1kΩ1kΩ1kΩ
RGB termination (R1, R2, R3)75Ω75Ω75Ω75Ω
RGB inline resistors (R4, R5, R6)1kΩ1kΩ1kΩ1kΩ
Diode (R9)1N41481N41481N41481N4148
Blanking Resistor (R11)2.2kΩ2.2kΩ2.2kΩ2.2kΩ
Add diodes to RGB lines on setYesYesYesYes
Add diodes to Blanking line on setNoNoNoNo
Follow special instructions for syncNoYesNoNo

You have to be strategic about the board placement. Sony KV-20FV12 has tight spacing with flyback and the audio board on the way.

Buy your RGB mux board

It is recommended to use the Rev C mini board for this CRT with the straight SCART connector. Rev B board can be used, if the spacing is carefully planned.

BA5 chassis - RGB mux board

BA5 chassis - RGB mux board

STEP 4: Attach the female SCART connector to TV

BA5 chassis - RGB mux board

Creating a SCART cutout and mounting it is an art. I have a dedicated section for it.

How to create and mount a SCART female plug?

Getting into the service menu

  • Turn the set on and then put into standby
  • Press the Display, 5, VOL + buttons in sequence
  • Turn on the CRT and you should be in service mode
  • Use buttons "1" and "4" on the remote control to navigate the service menu
  • Use buttons "3" and "6" to adjust the selected data



BA5 KV-32FS13

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