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Sony KV (BA-5D)

SuntharAbout 2 minCRT RGB mod

Sony BA-5D chassis CRT RGB mod (Coming Soon)

So you want to get the best video output via your good old CRT to play retro games?

This tutorial covers the RGB mod for the below models

  • KV-27FS100
  • KV-27FS210
  • KV-27FV300
  • KV-27FV310
  • KV-29FA210
  • KV-29FS100
  • KV-29FS100
  • KV-29FV300
  • KV-29FV300
  • KV-29FV310
  • KV-32FS100
  • KV-32FS200
  • KV-32FS210
  • KV-32FV300
  • KV-32FV310
  • KV-34FS100
  • KV-34FS100
  • KV-34FV250
  • KV-34FV310
  • KV-36FS100
  • KV-36FS200
  • KV-36FS210
  • KV-36FV300
  • KV-36FV310
  • KV-38FS200
  • KV-38FV250
  • KV-38FV310

CRT safety


You can die doing this! So read carefully! CRT TV is not a toy. Do not open a CRT TV. If you don't have any prior knowledge about handling high voltage devices, this guide is not for you. CRT TV contains high enough voltage (20,000+ V) and current to be deadly, even when it is turned off.


Plan of attack



Sometimes it is nice to know the theory behind the mod. I have put this on a separate page. This shows how the various resistor values are calculated.


Service manuals


Mux diagram Sony BA-5D chassis RGB mod mux diagram

Relevant schematics Sony BA-5D chematics diagram

Performing the mod

Now that you roughly know what needs to be done, prepare for the mod. Place the board on a comfortable place. Make sure you are not putting pressure on the flyback or other components. There are few wires that needs to be disconnected.

  1. Degauss wire
  2. Power wire
  3. Ground wire attached to the neck board
  4. Yoke deflection coil wire
  5. Anode wire (this is the one with the rubber cap)
  6. Left and right audio wires

STEP 1: Remove the following components

  • R020
  • R022
  • R024

STEP 2: Connect RGBs, Blanking

Replace jumpers JW42 (green), JW43 (blue), JW44 (red) with diodes.

3V is the caluclated voltage for blanking. We can calculate 1.2kΩ resistance needed on the RGB mux board with a diode to produce the correct blanking voltage.

STEP 3: Connect Sync and Audio

STEP 4: Build your mux board

TV ModelKV-20FS100
CRT RGB inline resistor4.7kΩ
CRT RGB ground resistors removed680Ω
CRT RGB inline cap value0.1uF
Use RGB inline diodes on CRT chassis?Yes
Mux board Audio LR (R7, R8)1kΩ
Mux board RGB termination (R1, R2, R3)75Ω
Mux board RGB inline resistors (R4, R5, R6)1kΩ
Mux board blanking diode (R9)1N4148
Mux board blanking Resistor (R11)1.2kΩ

STEP 5: Attach the female SCART connector to TV

Creating a SCART cutout and mounting it is an art. I have a dedicated section for it. How to create and mount a SCART female plug?

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