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Sunthar's Super Sector

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Sony KV (BA-5D)
RGB mod your Sony KV-27FS100, KV-27FV310 or any BA-5D chassis based Sony CRT.

Devon Sanchez (pics)About 2 minCRT RGB mod
Sony KV (AA-2C) 32XBR48
RGB mod your Sony KV-32XBR48 or any AA-2C chassis based Sony CRT.

Kaz PackmanAbout 3 minCRT RGB mod
RCA E13344
RGB mod your RCA E13344, 13" CRT.

Brandon BurnsAbout 2 minCRT RGB mod
Sony KV (BG-3R) XA34M31
RGB and S-Video mod your Sony KV-XA34M31, KV-XA29M31 or any BG-3R chassis based Sony CRT.

Mark RobertsonAbout 3 minCRT RGB modKV-XA34M31KV-XA29M31KV-XA29M50
Sony KV (BA-2)
RGB mod your KV-20S10 or any BA-2 chassis based Sony CRT

SuntharAbout 5 minCRT RGB modKV-20S10
Sony PVM-14L1
RGB mod of Sony PVM-14L1

Andres RyesAbout 4 minCRT RGB mod
JVC AV-36D201
RGB mod your JVC AV-36D201 D-Series CRT

TpoundxAbout 3 minCRT RGB mod