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CRT re-capping

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Replace the old CRT capacitors!

In this section we will learn how to replace capacitors for a CRT TV.

How to choose the replacement capacitors?

  • Check for the brand that you prefer (Rubycon or Nichicon is recommeded for Toshiba)
  • Check the diameter of the capacitor to make sure it is of the exact same size
  • Low Impedance capacitor lasts longer in CRT (according to RetroTech guy)
  • Capacitors with temperature rating 105 C or higher will last longer
  • Get capacitors with a minimum of 5000 hours+ of lifecycle hours if possible
  • No need to get the automobile rated capacitors
  • No need to replace capacitors that are already rated 105 C. I have found them to be reliable and probably not worth replacing them.
  • No need to replace all capacitors.
  • Mark all the capacitors that were replaced with a red marker (for future use)

Where to order them?

I personally use Digikey. Mouser or others can also be used. Definitely don't use ebay, AliExpress or anything that ships from China. Lots of fakes! Fakes are worse than cheaper brands! I learned this the hardway.

Tools needed

  • Hakko Desoldering Iron
  • Solder

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