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RGB Game Systems

SuntharAbout 1 minCRT RGB mod

Get the best picture out of your retro consoles

There are several articles and websites around the topic of what retro gaming consoles support RGB and what needs modification. I think it is nice to have a summary view.

Natively Output RGBRGB Mod Needed?Alternatives?
Nintendo SNES fatYes1-Chip version can be modded for better ouput
Nintendo SNES juniorNoRequires a mod to get RGB, S-Video out
Nintendo N64NoThis can be an easy mod or a difficult mod
Nintendo GameCubeNoGCDual mod neededYPbPr Component
Nintendo WiiNoWiiDual mod neededYPbPr Component
Sony PSOne SlimYes
Sony PS1Yes
Sony PS2YesYou have to select RGB from user menuYPbPr Component
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)NoNESRGB mod neededopen in new window
Sega Genesis 1YesNeed the correct RGB cable as stereo audio comes through headphonesSege Genesis 2
Sega Genesis 2YesYou can do triple bypass mod for better video/audio
XBOX originalYes
RGB-PiYesNeed Pi2SCART header for Raspberry Pi 3B+
Atari 2600No2600RGB mod neededopen in new windowComposite/S-Video

N64 RGB mod

There are two types of RGB mods that are possible.

  1. Easy mod. Only supported by the earlier versions of the N64 console.
  2. Complex mod. Required for later revisions.

Easy mod

Applicable to board revisions NUS-CPU-01 to NUS-CPU-04

Serial Nubmers

  • USA - NS100086232 to NS180875351
  • Canada - NS600032326 to NS603358522

Complex mod

Applicable to board revisions NUS-CPU-05 to NUS-CPU-09-1

N64 NUS-CPU-05

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